Thanks for coming to the Museum Volunteers website

A big welcome from the Museum Volunteers here in Malaysia

Our goal as Museum Volunteers (MV) is to promote public awareness of museums, and we aim to build an appreciation and understanding of the histories and cultures of Malaysia.

We are a non-profit, non-political and non-religious group open to all who undertake our training programme and graduate as a docent (museum guide.)  We are all volunteers and we are hosted by the Museums Department in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

*We provide free guided tours of the Muzium Negara (National Museum) and the Muzium Textil (Textiles Museum) in Kuala Lumpur. Our main language of operation is English, but we also have regular tours in in English, French, Japanese, Malay and Chinese. Guided tours in Dutch, German, Danish, Spanish, Russian and Polish are also available upon request.

*We run custom-tailored tours for schools, embassies and companies.

*We also run a series of focus activities around Kuala Lumpur for our members,  involving visits to other museums and talks from visiting academics and others with expertise in the histories of Southeast Asia.

On this site you will find lots of information about our set up, history and training programme. If you would like to know about our day-to-day activites, please check out our page on Facebook.

For further details, please email

2 thoughts on “Thanks for coming to the Museum Volunteers website

  1. Kind Attn: Am interested in voluntary work at museums in Malacca. I tried to get info from Maritime Museum, without any success. I would be very helpful, if you could guide me to the right personnel/group. TQ

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