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To speak to someone on the phone (in Bahasa Malaysia or English), please call the MV Hotline at 03-2267 1155.

13 thoughts on “Contact MV

    • Dear Yusof,

      Many thanks for your message. The training programme starts in September and finishes in January/February. Please can you send a mail to and they will add you to the list of people who want to join the next training session in September 2012. Many thanks, Lorien Holland (MV website)

  1. Hello MV and a very good day.

    I read with interest of your society and your historical outings of those bygone days.

    Just transfered from menara kl to museum telekom. Just me and another colleague in the research & artifact management
    we welcome any information or suggestion on the cycle of early communication and telecommunication in malaysia.

    Thanking you.

    jorimi saib, muzium telekom malaysia

    • Dear Jorimi Saib,

      Many thanks for your mail. We are very happy to make contact with you. Could you please direct your mail to, and then you will get the attention of the full MV Committee.

      Many thanks, Lorien Holland (MV website)

  2. Good day to all Museum Volunteers,

    I wrote earlier to museum volunteers and am advised to write to this website. I read some of your articles conducting those bygone days in Kuala Lumpur. Recently I was transferred from KL Tower to Muzium Telekom in Jalan Raja Chulan. I am now tasked with Research & Artifacts Management with another colleague of mine. I would certainly appreciate and welcome articles and any information relating to communication during the colonial days and during the Japanese invasion of Malaya.

    Do visit our Museum Telekom which is open every day from 0900hr – 1700hr except public holidays. I would be happy to show you around our galleries.

    thank you.


    jorimi saib

    • Dear Shanty,

      To become a volunteer, you will need to attend our training program which commences in Sept 2012. Please send an email to mvmqueries @ and they will provide you with more information.

    • Hi Johaari,

      Please send an email to mvmqueries @ and they will add you to the list of people who are interested in joining the Sept 2012 training.

  3. I am tour guide for russian tourists. how can i become one of the Muzeum volunteer? What kind of training is provided? i am interested.

    • Hi Lourdes,

      We run a training programme every year and this will start in September. Please send an email to to register for the training. Once, you are on the list, we will contact to attend our newcomer events.

      Hope to see you at the 2013 training.

      Best regards

  4. hi, I would like to enquire on the volunteer training program. It mentioned will start in Mid September 2013. I am not sure if the program has started. I am interested to join such training program.

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

    • Hi Hou Yea,

      The training started two weeks ago and I am not sure if you will still be allowed to join. I will put you in touch directly with the organizers.

      Best regards

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