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New MV Committee 2011

Here is the line up of our new MV committee, who will take “office” at the start of March 2011 for a two-year term. The MV committee is chosen through a nomination and discussion process that is run by the old committee. You will remember that the MV committee called for nominations back in October 2010, and is delighted to have this line up of existing and new members on the MV committee.

MV Committee 2011

  • President                   Karen Loh (Batch 2)
  • Vice President          Laurence Maille (Batch 10)
  • Secretary                    Stuart Wakefield (Batch 10)
  • Treasurer                    Kon Cze Yan (Batch 3)
  • Training
  • Angela Naylor (Batch 1) – Textile Muzium
  • Cindy Bell (Batch 10) – Muzium Negara (weekday)
  • Jo Thesiger (Batch 10)  – Muzium Negara (weekday)
  • Susan Haveman (Batch 10) – Muzium Negara (weekday)
  • Kon Cze Yan (Batch 3) – Muzium Negara (weekend)
  • Publicity                    Lorien Holland (Batch 2) & Chris Lee (Batch 10)
  • Schools                      Cay Maru (Batch 2)  & Karen Loh (Batch 2)
  • Library                       Chrissy Lioe (Batch 2) & Zahara Shahriman (Batch 1)
  • French Liaison        Elisabeth Clouzeau (Batch 6)
  • Japanese Liaison    Ayako Ohno (Batch 8)
  • Focus                           Kokkie Pauuw (Batch 2)


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Happy MVM-ing!

New Year message from Chrissy, our MV President

Dear Volunteers,

As the year 2010 draws to a close it is natural to reflect on what we have all achieved over the past twelve months, and this year has seen many changes.

The Jabatan Muzium kindly provided us a spacious new office to work in, with administrative assistance and secretariat headed by Jamil, who has been of great help to us.  The Museum Negara training programmes continue to attract record numbers of trainee volunteers and in addition, we have started a new training programme at theTextile Museum .Our guiding schedule has expanded and we are creating good publicity material for museum visitors, both young and old. In particular, we now have an excellent French language “Guide de Poche” or “Pocket Guide” of the main four galleries which has been translated into English and will soon be translated into many more languages

Next year will see further changes as I will be stepping down as President at the end of my term in April and I am delighted to announce that Karen Loh has agreed to take over the position.

Karen has been a very active museum volunteer for the past 3 years, guiding, running the schools programme and contributing to the weekend training as well. I am sure she will be a great asset and a wonderful president for the Museum Volunteers.

To build for our future, we are in the process of reviewing and restructuring the training programme for 2011. Zahara and Karen are spearheading the children’s sling bag project, with artistic help from Weronka and Nurul and hopefully corporate sponsors to help finance the project. Please do remember that our Museum Volunteers is what we make of it and each of us has much we can contribute.

I would like to wish everyone best wishes for the Christmas festivities and the coming New Year.

Best wishes, Chrissy

MVM Voices May Newsletter is here

Please click here to see the May edition of MVM Voices. Lots going on!

MVM Voices May 2010

MVM tours of the Muzium Negara move to 10 am

Effective June 1, all tours of the museum will be at 10am not 11am. That means all tours, on all days and in all languages will be at 10am.  Following feedback from the museum, it appears that there are many more visitors around 10am than 11am. So please take note and remember 10am!

MVM Committee

May Newsletter message from Chrissy

Dear MVMers,

Congratulations to all our graduates of 2010, and welcome to the guiding programme. The MVM Committee is already gearing up for our new intake of trainees in September.  Weekday training will begin on Tuesday 14th September and weekend training will commence on Saturday 18th September. A recruitment Coffee Morning will be hosted by the MVM in our new offices at the  National Museums Department on Thursday June 16th at 10.00am.  Please encourage your friends and colleagues to attend there will be plenty of volunteers on hand to explain what the MVM does, as well as giving details about the training programme and answering any questions or concerns.

As you know, in February we expanded our weekday tours to 4 days a week in English and 2 days a week in French, and one weekday in Japanese. We continue to provide weekend tours. In addition, there are Malay and Mandarin tours during the school holidays and one Saturday a month a Japanese guided tour is conducted.  From September we plan to expand the English guided tours to 6 days a week, which means Monday through Saturday, as our great new graduates have provided the numbers to boost the programme.

In May the MVM moved its office and library from Muzium Negara to the National Museums Department, which is the parent body for the museum. The actual location is up the glass elevator that you see as you walk towards our old office in Muzium Negara. Our new offices are very spacious, light, air conditioned and there is plenty of room for the books and all our schools programme equipment.  There is adequate seating and a good size table for meetings. The new room is next door to the Secretariat which has been set up by the Department of Museums. It is run by Jamil with the help of Fiza, Visa, and Maisaraf  to help the MVM with its administrative needs. Please do drop by, take a look and introduce yourselves to the folks at the Secretariat. We are still in the process of sorting out various projects such as new ID Cards, guide vests, publicity material and events but we will keep you up-to-date through the newsletter and the Yahoo site.

On Monday 24th May we have arranged a meeting at the Dataran at 10.00am so that the volunteers can meet and talk to Datuk Ibrahim bin Ismail, the Director General of the National Museums Department.  I know he is looking forward to the event and hope to see as many of you as possible.

This time of year is always a little sad as we have to say goodbye to our volunteers who will be leaving Malaysia over the next few months.  We are planning a ‘Farewell Lunch’ to which everyone is invited on Thursday 24th June. I will send out further details nearer the time, but please put the date in your diaries.

I look forward to seeing you all very soon at the events we have planned.  As always if you have any comments or ideas please email us.

Chrissy Lioe

MVM President

The Glass Elevator that leads up to the MVM Room

THE new light and airy MVM Room

MVM gets big boost for 2010

MVM Logo

Dear MVMers,

The MVM Newsletter will be back in circulation shortly, as the recently conducted survey on our Yahoo! Group showed it is a important and valued tool of communication.

As you all know the MVM is now in its third year and we have grown to over 100 members! We must become more professional and formalised to enable us to grow as a group.  In the very near future a secretriatiat will be set up by Muzium Negara to service the MVM, this will enable us to have professional help with publicity, administration, and a budget to develop different projects.  In the future, the MVM training programme will be free.  MVM volunteers will be required to wear a uniform (vest and t-shirt) whilst undergoing tours so that they are easily indentified by visitors to the Muzium.  New Security ID will be issued to all members.  Many other facilities and benefits will be announced in the coming months and we will keep you updated.

There are still vacancies to be filled on the Committee for this year and we need volunteers to help with communications, the blog, PR, weekend and weekday training programmes, school volunteers, and recruitment.  Please step up and take the challenge, MVM needs YOU!

I look forward to seeing you all at the Graduation Ceremony for our newest batches on March 27th.

Chrissy Lioe, MVM President

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