The MV has a large range of books on Malaysia and the region. The library is located in the MV Room at Muzium Negara, and is open to MV members every morning (except Sundays). The MV is also collating research by its members.

Each MV member has to prepare a series of talks on various museum artefacts. Here are some of the research notes, grouped according to galleries. (This is a work in progress)

Please note that the MV volunteers are not qualified academics on Southeast Asian history. Although every effort is made to double check references and ensure accuracy, there could be some errors or omissions. Please email if you notice any such errors or omissions.

Gallery A

Gallery A lecture by Sarah Revans

Gallery B

Gallery C

Gambier 3mins Ang Swee Hong

Tin dredging machine 3mins Chin Wee Ching

Gallery D

Prominent Chinese Malaysians 7mins Chin Wee Ching


Proton Saga car 7mins Chia Ming Tik

Here is a sample tour introduction:

Welcome to the Muzium Negara which means National Museum. My name is <XXX> and I am a volunteer of the Museum.

This same site was originally the Selangor Museum, established in 1906, which was accidentally destroyed in 1945 when the Allied Forces bombed the railway workshops nearby.  In 1952, a small new building was erected to display national treasures, on the instructions of the High Commissioner, General Sir Gerald Templer, who officially opened it on February 1953. Upon independence, the small building was demolished in 1959 to make way for the present museum which was officially opened in 31 August 1963, by His Majesty the Yang diPertuan Agong III.

The Museum Negara was built in the style of a Malay palace. It consists of a large central main entrance hall that is flanked by two exhibition wings. The 110 metre long main facade is decorated with 2 giant wall murals designed by a local artist, Mr. Cheong Lai Tong, in the style of batik painting. The mural on its left depicts the culture and customs of Malaysians while the one on its right shows the historical episodes of the nation. The murals have been executed in Italian glass mosaic by the best manufacturer in Florence. The entire cost of the mural was donated by millionaire, the late  Dato’ Lee Kong Chian.

My tour will take approximately 1 hour and given the time constraint, I will be covering only…….just to give you <state the theme of your tour here e.g. “a flavor of the cultural heritage in Malaysia”>, which also happen to be my personal areas of interest.

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