Training to be a Volunteer

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please send an email to  You will be invited to attend the Newcomer’s Information events.  These invitations are sent out twice a year and the events provide an opportunity to meet Volunteer Guides, to ask questions and to tour the Muzium.

Prior to being offered a place on a Training Course, all applicants must formally commit themselves by signing the ‘Guide Commitment’ as follows :

  • to attend the full 16 week training programme
  • to read the background training material provided as part of the course
  • to deliver three presentations relating to Muzium artefacts to fellow trainees without the use of notes
  • to provide a hard copy of each of the three presentations
  • to attend three guided tours of the Muzium prior to graduation
  • to provide positive and meaningful guided tours to visitors to the Muzium for up to two years after Graduation.
  • to man the front desk at Muzium Negara for up to two years after Graduation.

In general terms, you will need to guide at the museum once a month. As the MV is a volunteer organization, you will also be encouraged to get involved in research, the schools programme and in the creation of pamphlets and booklets for use in the museums.

There is no restriction on the nationality or age of applicants. The courses are delivered in English and Japanese. There is also a French language group that organizes tours in French.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Training Objective ? To present Volunteer Guides with a broad understanding of the fascinating and complex culture and history of Malaysia to support the provision of guided tours of the Muzium.

When Is The Training Carried Out ? Two parallel sixteen week training course in English normally commence each September on Tuesday and Saturday mornings, i.e. trainees can choose to attend the course on one of either Tuesdays or Saturdays.  Training in Japanese is also available and is carried out on Wednesday mornings.

 Where Is The Training Carried Out ? Training is carried out in Muzium Negara Meeting Rooms and also within the Museum.

What Happens After Completion Of Training? Upon successful completion of the training programme, Volunteer Guides attend a Graduation Ceremony where they receive their Graduation Certificates.

Who Provides The Training ? Guide Volunteers, Muzium Negara Staff plus outside experts with specialist knowledge.

What Tasks Do Volunteer Guides Undertake ? Guide Volunteers are involved in one or more of the following areas :

  • Guiding – presenting free scheduled tours plus on-demand tours of Muzium Negara: guiding special  exhibitions, presentations and visits.
  • Schools Programme – organising special tours of Muzium Negara for school children plus presentations about Malaysian culture in schools.
  • Research – locating and organising material to help fellow Guide and School Program Volunteers; helping with material for the publication of booklets for the general public and for children; helping with the translation service and providing information for Special Exhibitions.
  • Operations & IT – supporting general administration requirements; administering the MV Library; maintaining ‘mvmqueries’ e-mail; maintaining the MV Website.
  • Communication – assisting with the production of the MV Newsletter, MV Press Releases and media events.

Where Can I Find Out More Information ? All queries and expressions of interest should be forwarded to

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